Saturday, August 30, 2008

No 13: Generators

Not enough hours in the day!

Swedish furniture name generator
I enjoyed playing here.

Limited but could not resist the picture I made.

Does say "Is this the last golden egg Mr Wonka? I want one Daddy!"

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

No 11: Wiki

I like using Wikipedia. I am conscious that anyone can edit Wikipedia so I am careful at what I am reading and passing on for homework.

Is Fitch a form of wiki?

Could the Millennium Helpdesk be described as a wiki type document - but who uses it??

A long time ago at a meeting, a staff member recommended placing the soon-to-be training documents on a wiki. Oh no the other staff members at that meeting said - main reason (I think) being we did not want everyone to be able to edit the documents. I think the other staff members did not really understand the concept of a wiki. Now having read about wikis, the idea of it cannot be immediately dismissed as a place for a training manual.

As long as there is agreement of what purpose the wiki will serve, I see a place for wikis for collating information within a library - either for staff or patrons. The idea of a community services wiki linked to our website could be good e.g. clubs and societies, hall hireage details.

I like manuals. Electronic wiki-manuals would be fabulous as long as computer access is convenient. It always comes down to accessibility in a library - we have shared pcs. Sometimes it is easier to pick up a physical manual/book.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

No 10: Perspectives on Web 2.0 & Library 2.0

Love the video illustrating the Web 2.0 phenomenon!

I like what Dr Wendy Schultz has said: "Libraries are not just collections of documents and books, they are conversations, they are convocations of people, ideas, and artifacts in dynamic exchange. Libraries are not merely in communities, they are communities: they preserve and promote community memories; they provide mentors not only for the exploration of stored memory, but also for the creation of new artifacts of memory."

Technology is helping libraries become these things and we have to embrace it. As Rick Anderson says - "As a Web 2.0 reality continues to emerge and develop, our patrons will expect access to everything – digital collections of journals, books, blogs, podcasts, etc. You think they can’t have everything? Think again."

Working in a library exposes you to all forms of life and needs. Being a patron of a library exposes you to a limited view of what a library can offer. The old stereotypes are still out there - usually said by non-library users. As librarians we have to fight for our funding and move into the technological age - it does mean libraries need more computers - for the staff as well as the patron.

Maybe we should be running with concepts like "Any Questions" - instead of nation wide maybe it should be localised. Computer interaction with the local kids at home doing homework instead of coming into the library. Even interaction with our catalogue - patrons adding book reviews into the catalogue record - not a separate page (rather than the rating system that is there now).

Having been exposed to so much tagging through this Web 2.0 programme, I can see it is the way of future cataloguing practices. It is a shame it is called tagging. The keyword search is a form of tagging but I can see the benefits of really letting the idea of tagging be run with.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

No 9: Technorati

Yeah, Technorati is working.
Found the Blog Directory by accident - found 7 pages of Web 2.0. Lots of languages so I avoid those. It has taken me a moment to realise that by clicking on a link you do not actually go to the blog as such - it is all there for you in Technorati - the latest posts and comments in a simple format. Still overwhelming seeing all these blogs filled with people's opinions, findings, etc.

Found the Tag search through the Advanced Search. Results were 327 for Learning 2.0. I feel overwhelmed with all the blogs and all the writing. Who has time to read all these blogs?

I am frustrated with Technorati. Getting different results through the search box, and through the different tabs along the top, and the links within the tabs. I am reading through the Post and Blog titles but not into the actual blogs. It is too much!

I would like to come back to Technorati after the course has finished so I can spend more time here.

Monday, August 18, 2008

No. 9 Technorati

The next day I go in to explore Technorati further and they are having technical difficulties which makes the searching function very weird. I shall try again tomorrow.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

No 9: Technorati

No comments yet. Still getting my head around Technorati. I have run out of time...

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

# 8: Tagging and

I have been in very quickly for a couple of days but keep running out of time.
Having now viewed the Youtube video, the site now makes more sense.
My first thought is, this is similiar to Fitch. As the video says, it would be very useful in finding websites on a particular topic but associate words to differentiate the differences between the sites.

I followed several tags; I followed several people's bookmarks; and, searched for a few tags of my choosing and found a couple of sites I did not know existed - thank you very much. I shall revisit those sites.
I am still finding sites like a little messy - so much to see and not all of it that enthralling. I need more time to really decide if libraries should get into it all in conjunction with cataloguing rules. I am still open.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

No 7.2: Search for RSS Feeds

I have been back to Bloglines to look at the sites I have selected. The display on Bloglines still confuses me - still too much writing at times. One or two of the feeds have headlines and a one or two lines, then if you want more you can click on it.

As for searching, I am extremely frustrated.
Bloglines Search Tool confused me immensely.
I do not really 'get' Topix or I guess I am not a fan of blogs in general.

I did accidentally come across the fact that the North Shore City Council website had the Bloglines symbol; so I added that to my Bloglines feeds.