Monday, October 6, 2008

No 22: Social networking and Libraries

When I think MySpace and Facebook, I think teenagers. Designing a entry with teens is mind seems ideal - I checked out some of the libraries who have done this -- good idea. I believe we must also keep adults in mind. I believe libraries do need to utilise social networking. I like the thought of advertising events through these sites.
I agree with the statements made in the following article -- there must be goals from the library viewpoint; there must be interaction between the library and patrons; and, link it into the catalog/webpages.
Libraries in Social Networking Software
By Meredith Farkas May 10, 2006
"When you decide to put up a library profile on MySpace or Facebook, what is your goal? I think there is a big difference between “being where our patrons are” and “being USEFUL to our patrons where they are.”
I have seen two ways that libraries have used MySpace and Facebook effectively. The first is to get feedback from students. The second is to create a library portal within MySpace and/or Facebook.
If it’s a great idea to “go where the patrons are” in terms of their courseware, why not provide the same sort of portal services in MySpace and Facebook? Some libraries have made their Facebook or MySpace site an extension of the library Web site with links to the catalog, chat reference pages, research guides, calendar of events, etc."

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