Wednesday, October 1, 2008

No 21: MySpace and Facebook

Bebo: I liked Rotorua Public Library's bebo page better than the Auckland Public Library one. Rotorua's was much cleaner and concise. I enjoyed looking at the photos of events but again I am skim reading any blog type entries. It is overwhelming what can be done in terms of patron participation. Enjoyed the Cartoonizer feature of bebo that Rotorua used on their photos. But the dark background put me off a bit.

MySpace: Light bright and airy compared to Bebo. I found it easy to look around. Found several music videos for a singer called John (Cougar) Mellencamp through the search button. This side of it is similar to YouTube.

Facebook: Have to sign in to see any Facebook pages - gives the feeling of secretiveness. I did not feel comfortable about signing in to see these pages. I do not want my personal information on these pages (I have no interest to continue with Facebook after we have finished the program) and I have no time to make up information.
I can see the attraction to use these sites - makes the world a smaller place. But again, I have other things to do with my time.

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