Tuesday, September 16, 2008

No 16: Zoho document - Report of Accident

Here is my Zoho document but the stylising of it has gone haywire:

Employee's Report of Accident

REPORT OF JOB ACCIDENT: Employee’s preliminary report of work-related injury to employer.

Date of Report : Tuesday 16 September 2008 Rpt No. : 159841B

Report filled out by Mrs Doolittle [name] the Library [address]

The following employee reports an injury sustained in the work-related accident described below.

1. Employee name: Mrs Doolittle
2. Employee ID: BZ459210025
3. Designation: the Library
4. Employer Name: North Shore Libraries
5. Employee address: 123 Strawberry Fields
City: North Shore
Post Code: 0689
Phone: 09 4861234
6. Date & Time of Injury: Tuesday 16 September 2008
7. Address/place where injury happened: the stairs at the Library

8. Description of injury and part of body affected: bruised ego, scrapped hand, and scrapped knee
9. Signature of the Employee: Doolittle M

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