Thursday, September 25, 2008

No 20: ebooks

From reading the Discovery Resources given I have finally ascertained that to me an e-book can be two things - (1) an on-line talking book to listen to, and (2) either the whole or part (public domain) of a book that you can read on-line (you can see the actual pages of a book!).
Google Book Search. Clear, precise, easy to use. Found the preview pages easily both for a classic (Moby Dick) and a modern (Sea Swept by Nora Roberts). Fantastic having a read - had a decent amount of time to have a read before the site told me I had seen enough of that book. I shall be back to visit this site again.
On LibriVox, I found the audio book for Little Women by Louisa May Alcott. Loved the fact you can download it chapter by chapter, or the whole book. Opened easily for me on the computer and I started to hear Chapter 1 - "Christmas won't be Christmas without any presents...". The recording is so clear. Could be useful at home.

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