Wednesday, September 24, 2008

No 19: Podcasts - easy layout. Heard a Davis Cup Tennis show - easy to hear. Everything after that would not load. Keeps mentioning 'episodes' - I think television!

Podnova - first impression - clean frontpage. I do find this site a little slow to conduct the search. Searched for a couple of musicians - found a couple of interviews. Found a couple of podcasts for radio stations and saw the word Australia - thought Hamish & Andy who feature on Rove. Sure enough I found some episodes (although the latest were May). Made a feed to Bloglines and low and behold here are the latest offerings - including this week's already. I am looking forward to hearing more. Here is the website address if interested -

Spent lots of time looking - at useful stuff? maybe - at rubbish? absolutely. I tend to look for music whilst playing with different sites. I am going to search for more radio shows. I was impressed by the quality of the sound for most of the podcasts I listened to. Overall, I do not have much need for podcasts.

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