Monday, September 15, 2008

No 16: Zoho

Easy to make an account.

Once in, it took a bit of playing around to work out what to do. I finally found the 'Templates' under the 'Help' button. I was frustrated at editing several templates - not as efficient or as sophisticated as Word or Publisher. I used the 'Switch to' feature and tried Zoho Writer, Zoho Notebook, Zoho Planner (the 'to-do' feature), and tried to load Zoho Sheet. Again I was frustrated at how long each page took to open.

Each time I have logged on to my account, Zoho has opened with a different page - confusing. I did manage to post one of my Zoho documents to my blog (see the next blog above) - the instructions given by the Web 2.0 Team were spot on.

I like and understand the principle of having cyperspace hard drives - can access from everywhere but I do not think I like Zoho.

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