Wednesday, July 30, 2008

No 7: RSS Feeds continued

Back to Bloglines today - what a lot of writing on the front screen - took a few seconds to find the log in button.
I am having a look at some of the feeds I subscribed to - what a lot of hooha. I do not have time to read about some person's experience getting to work on the train (that was as far as I read on that particular link story!).
I am looking at - all the fashion runway shows - I like. Lots of pictures - not too much writing - not too slow to load.
Dilbert was funny.
I tend not to do too much reading from the Internet - I find it hard. I want short and sharp.
ResourceShelf - I like - short and sharp writing.

I can see the benefits of the 'one stop shop'. I look forward to searching and finding other sites I like better. Eg. headlines from newspapers.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

No 7: RSS feeds

Found Bloglines and quickly picked nine feeds....

Thursday, July 24, 2008

No 6: Technology

Technology. I remember when Dad bought a colour television set. I was so impressed - it had buttons for choosing a channel rather than a dial! I thought a video recorder was fantastic. Now I have to use three remotes to programme my video (no dvd for me yet - too complicated; and I am not convinced dvds are better than videos - one scratch and it is stuffed).

Has technology made life better? We have 24 hour access to each other with mobile phones, computers/laptops and internet. Where is that moment to ourselves?

Internet. An amazing technological thing. Email is cool. Having made a blog, I still do not have a use for it (maybe I do not have enough friends or the fact I do not have internet access at home!). I have other things to do to spend my time on - weekends are short enough now.

Digital cameras - I love them - especially the library camera. I have not got my head around the technical photographic terms but I love the fact I can take a photo and check it immediately. I love taking lots of photos - not bound by the roll of 24 photos any more.

Monday, July 21, 2008

No 5: Flickr fun

Wow I found the 'Billboard' function on Flickr. I also tried Framer, Jigsaw, Magazine Cover, and Captioner - then I ran out of time.

I liked Billboard and created the graphic to the left here. I found this wonderful picture on Flickr. I have made each of these faces so far while processing my exercises for Web 2.0.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

No 4: A Sunset in Italy

i have been fiddling with flickr. what to search for? started looking at sets and collections, by dates, and calendars - bewildering.
saw a tv programme last night of an italian man wanting to leave his native italy and live elsewhere because he was not getting ahead in italy - too expensive for food, rent, living. i thought most people would jump at the chance to live in italy!
i love sunsets. so i searched both words. look what i found.
i had trouble adding the image to my blog. i had to find the full url address by right clicking on the image, clicking Properties, then copying the stated url. this address was not showing in full in the address bar in flickr. at least i figured it out.
so many things to search on flickr and so many ways. i got confused to begin with. a person could spend lots of time just looking.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

No 2: Creat a blog

I have just created a blog - oh my god. at the moment i have no idea how to find this blog again. i have written lots of information down so i can possibly find the blog again.
am i who i think i am? am i a real person or am i a fake identity? the internet is so scary.
are the organisers (the three wise women) reading my blog (i keep typing bog!)