Monday, February 16, 2009

U2 - One Tree Hill

U2 Saturday 25 November 2006. I was there at Mt Smart Stadium. Loved this song.

Mellencamp - If I Die Sudden

John Mellencamp played Vector Arena, Auckland in 2008. Found this video of one of his new songs that we gave a bluesey feel to in concert. Loved it. This is in Melbourne.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

No 23: The End

I loved doing these 23 things! I am disappointed I did not get it finished on time. Never thought I would use a blog let alone create one. Had much enjoyment playing with the Flickr toys and the Generators, YouTube videos, the MOG site I found for music videos.
Experiencing LibraryThing, podcasts, Rollyo was an eye opener of what is happening out in cyberworld. But I never want to see Technorati again!!
Thank you to all the helpers with their guidance.
My little notebook of notes and links will not be thrown away. Enjoy the video I found.

Monday, October 6, 2008

No 22: Social networking and Libraries

When I think MySpace and Facebook, I think teenagers. Designing a entry with teens is mind seems ideal - I checked out some of the libraries who have done this -- good idea. I believe we must also keep adults in mind. I believe libraries do need to utilise social networking. I like the thought of advertising events through these sites.
I agree with the statements made in the following article -- there must be goals from the library viewpoint; there must be interaction between the library and patrons; and, link it into the catalog/webpages.
Libraries in Social Networking Software
By Meredith Farkas May 10, 2006
"When you decide to put up a library profile on MySpace or Facebook, what is your goal? I think there is a big difference between “being where our patrons are” and “being USEFUL to our patrons where they are.”
I have seen two ways that libraries have used MySpace and Facebook effectively. The first is to get feedback from students. The second is to create a library portal within MySpace and/or Facebook.
If it’s a great idea to “go where the patrons are” in terms of their courseware, why not provide the same sort of portal services in MySpace and Facebook? Some libraries have made their Facebook or MySpace site an extension of the library Web site with links to the catalog, chat reference pages, research guides, calendar of events, etc."

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

No 21: MySpace and Facebook

Bebo: I liked Rotorua Public Library's bebo page better than the Auckland Public Library one. Rotorua's was much cleaner and concise. I enjoyed looking at the photos of events but again I am skim reading any blog type entries. It is overwhelming what can be done in terms of patron participation. Enjoyed the Cartoonizer feature of bebo that Rotorua used on their photos. But the dark background put me off a bit.

MySpace: Light bright and airy compared to Bebo. I found it easy to look around. Found several music videos for a singer called John (Cougar) Mellencamp through the search button. This side of it is similar to YouTube.

Facebook: Have to sign in to see any Facebook pages - gives the feeling of secretiveness. I did not feel comfortable about signing in to see these pages. I do not want my personal information on these pages (I have no interest to continue with Facebook after we have finished the program) and I have no time to make up information.
I can see the attraction to use these sites - makes the world a smaller place. But again, I have other things to do with my time.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

No 20: ebooks

From reading the Discovery Resources given I have finally ascertained that to me an e-book can be two things - (1) an on-line talking book to listen to, and (2) either the whole or part (public domain) of a book that you can read on-line (you can see the actual pages of a book!).
Google Book Search. Clear, precise, easy to use. Found the preview pages easily both for a classic (Moby Dick) and a modern (Sea Swept by Nora Roberts). Fantastic having a read - had a decent amount of time to have a read before the site told me I had seen enough of that book. I shall be back to visit this site again.
On LibriVox, I found the audio book for Little Women by Louisa May Alcott. Loved the fact you can download it chapter by chapter, or the whole book. Opened easily for me on the computer and I started to hear Chapter 1 - "Christmas won't be Christmas without any presents...". The recording is so clear. Could be useful at home.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

No 19: Podcasts - easy layout. Heard a Davis Cup Tennis show - easy to hear. Everything after that would not load. Keeps mentioning 'episodes' - I think television!

Podnova - first impression - clean frontpage. I do find this site a little slow to conduct the search. Searched for a couple of musicians - found a couple of interviews. Found a couple of podcasts for radio stations and saw the word Australia - thought Hamish & Andy who feature on Rove. Sure enough I found some episodes (although the latest were May). Made a feed to Bloglines and low and behold here are the latest offerings - including this week's already. I am looking forward to hearing more. Here is the website address if interested -

Spent lots of time looking - at useful stuff? maybe - at rubbish? absolutely. I tend to look for music whilst playing with different sites. I am going to search for more radio shows. I was impressed by the quality of the sound for most of the podcasts I listened to. Overall, I do not have much need for podcasts.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

No 18: You-Tube

Videos everywhere!

The library ones were a giggle.

Love all the music videos that can be found.

A video tour of all the North Shore Libraries on the homepage could be interesting.

I was surprised to find the following video - New Zealand sport - I think of You-Tube as American instead of global.
I liked the following video - if you follow rugby league and watched the Warriors match last weekend against the Roosters, you will understand the commitment, the determination, the passion, the teamwork, the desire, the captaincy, and the sportsmanship of the following moment during the game - not for the squeamish.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

No 17: Web 2.0 Awards List

I choose the category music. Then I chose to look at third place getter MOG (
I love MOG. They list albums and the song lists. They show videos (usually ones) without changing screens. You can find lyrics.
I found today's artists/groups plus artists/groups of old.
You can join the site and make posts about anything related to any musical group.
I loved MOG a lot and will be paying repeat visits.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

No 16: Zoho document - Report of Accident

Here is my Zoho document but the stylising of it has gone haywire:

Employee's Report of Accident

REPORT OF JOB ACCIDENT: Employee’s preliminary report of work-related injury to employer.

Date of Report : Tuesday 16 September 2008 Rpt No. : 159841B

Report filled out by Mrs Doolittle [name] the Library [address]

The following employee reports an injury sustained in the work-related accident described below.

1. Employee name: Mrs Doolittle
2. Employee ID: BZ459210025
3. Designation: the Library
4. Employer Name: North Shore Libraries
5. Employee address: 123 Strawberry Fields
City: North Shore
Post Code: 0689
Phone: 09 4861234
6. Date & Time of Injury: Tuesday 16 September 2008
7. Address/place where injury happened: the stairs at the Library

8. Description of injury and part of body affected: bruised ego, scrapped hand, and scrapped knee
9. Signature of the Employee: Doolittle M

Monday, September 15, 2008

No 16: Zoho

Easy to make an account.

Once in, it took a bit of playing around to work out what to do. I finally found the 'Templates' under the 'Help' button. I was frustrated at editing several templates - not as efficient or as sophisticated as Word or Publisher. I used the 'Switch to' feature and tried Zoho Writer, Zoho Notebook, Zoho Planner (the 'to-do' feature), and tried to load Zoho Sheet. Again I was frustrated at how long each page took to open.

Each time I have logged on to my account, Zoho has opened with a different page - confusing. I did manage to post one of my Zoho documents to my blog (see the next blog above) - the instructions given by the Web 2.0 Team were spot on.

I like and understand the principle of having cyperspace hard drives - can access from everywhere but I do not think I like Zoho.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

No 15: Rollyo

Creating a search roll is easy - just find and add the URLs. I eventually found the Explore tab gives the other search rolls. I tried the Free Photos site and got lots of results. Some seach rolls are rubbish.
I made a search roll then went in and completely changed the sites and name. Easy.